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Vigo AC 1.5 Ton

Midea 1 Ton Wall Type AC-MSA12CRNR


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Midea 1 Ton Wall Type AC-MSA12CRNR 843201 with Free Installation

Item Code: 843201

Power Supply V~, Hz, Ph: 220-240, 50, 1

Inverter Type: Non-Inverter

Cooling Capacity Rated Btu/h: 12000

Cooling Capacity Rated kW: 7.0

SEER W/W: 6.2

SCOP Avg./Warm/Cold W/W: 4.0/5.1/–

Tol °C: -15



Midea MSA12 1 Ton Air Conditioner can be a perfect choice for you and your family with its cutting-edge features. This 1 ton AC can be a suitable addition to your home or your office during those hot summer months.






The power systems are made in the “universal” and modern design, familiar to most users, the development was carried out on the basis of data for the study of consumer needs around the world. Remote controller with the “revolutionary” ergonomic design, which is a manufacturer called Arctic Fox – including setting with indoor units. The development of forms and functional remote control and to attract the best world experts in the field of ergonomics and industrial design, display remote indicator has increased by 27% the area of display graphics, system icons. This type of air conditioners is the most popular as a compressor and a condenser cooling fan (located in the outer, “street” block) are separated from the evaporator blower (located in the interior, “indoor” unit). This scheme was introduced in the 60s of the 20th century when the designers set out to reduce the noise level and the size of air conditioners, for wide application in daily life, previously produced only windows and industrial monoblock system, which severely limits their use in homes and offices. “Split” means “separated” – vnturenny and outdoor unit connected pipes forward and reverse pumping Freon (refrigerant -teplonositelya), the pressure created by the compressor and throttle valve, which ensures the Carnot cycle in the specified temperature limits. Upon reaching the desired temperature in the room, the compressor is deactivated. In split-system inverter compressor operates at a variable speed, and this provides another “degree of freedom” for providing a more accurate temperature control.


Brand Midea
Color White
Capacity 1 Ton
Ideal for room Size 80-100 SFT
Compressor Type Rotary
Warranty Details Compressor: 5 Years, Service & Spare Parts: 1 Year
Voltage 220~240 V
Outdoor Dimension (WxDxH) 770x300x555 mm
Weight(Outdoor) 31.5 kg (Gross)
Type Split AC
Additional Features Wifi Control, Mute Operation
Air Flow Direction Yes
Dust Filter Yes
Power Watt
Refrigerant R410A
Remote Control features Self Diagnosis, Sleep Mode, Timer, Auto restart
Overload protection Yes